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Sarah xx


Back… with a new focus! 

The new journey
Here we are again.

I’m in need of a change. My job is running me down, I think I just need it for the summer instead of during the school year. I’m not feeling fulfilled. I’ve realized I’m at my best when I’m traveling, trying new things, and meeting people. And I need to do more of that.

So here are some of my goals for this upcoming year:

  • Focus on the things I love: traveling, doing new things, meeting people. To do this, I want to expand my social media horizons, get back on YouTube, and share my experiences in videos and blogging.
  • Start working with a more flexible company. Working 11-8 every day at Wendy’s is making me want to pull my hair out. To do this, I’m looking into signing up with Pure Romance, and I also want to start “exploiting” my hobbies by filming my adventures, as well as my video gaming experiences (Animal Crossing play-throughs, anyone?)
  • Self care!! I’m definitely more of a morning person, and working late has me beat. So once I’m out of this job and in school, I want to start waking up at a consistent time, workout out, and eat right! And pamper myself too. I didn’t realize how nice it is to have your nails done until I couldn’t have them with my job.
  • Start planning for the future! I recently learned about occupational therapy in schools, and I absolutely love the idea. So I’m hoping to fill my classes and free time with psychology courses and working more with children! And of course keeping ESL/ELL and teaching abroad in mind by checking out graduate programs that specialize in the areas I’m interested in.

Well, that’s what I want to work on for now! Soon, I’m hoping to be releasing more content, as well as revamping my other social media outlets to reflect my new goals. I’m hoping to become more of a lifestyle/inspiration/travel blogger. And even if that just means exploring places by me, so be it!
Until next time, Sarah xx

Going Ghost & Going Home

So I disappeared for a bit guys, sorry about that. I’ve been busy with finishing up school, and then looking into transferring schools. I’ve also been working and looking up scholarships to save up to replace my car, which I’m not used to not having. I used to relax on the road, and being home is so stressful and I feel stuck.

Speaking of, I’ll most likely be living at home for awhile, which absolutely sucks. I fell into a really bad spell of depression last year, to the point where my boyfriend had to call me up and ask if I was doing ok because he was afraid of how I was acting. I’m gonna try to have the absolute busiest time of my life and save like HELL for an apartment & car of my own.

So I need some advice. What are some good ways to save up for these expenses? There’s no way being home will benefit me, and I need to find a way! I’m already working two jobs right now and trying to spend a lot less, which is great, but any at home tips or anything like that would be much appreciated!



Gluten Free? Paleo?

I haven’t talked about this yet, but today I had a meeting with my doctor about my Crohn’s disease.

Looks like I’m in a flare. Which sucks, BUT I’m getting medication to help that at least. But another thing he recommended was going gluten free. I had another doctor once recommend going paleo. 

So it seems like this is what I need to do. Which isn’t going to be super fun but oh well. So if there’s anyone else that can give me advice on how to deal with this change, or maybe any recipes that you love.

As much as this will suck, I am excited to start getting a grip on my health.

❤️ Sarah

My Fitness Pal- Watch what I eat!

So I’ve started using MyFitnessPal to track my food. I used to use Lifesum, but I didn’t like that I had to manually put in my steps and all. Not only am I using this for the obvious getting healthier reasons, but I also need to track my food due to my allergies. I didn’t realize that MFP had a diary portion, so I’m able to write down if I had an allergic reaction throughout the day and to what I think it’s to.

So if you want to follow me, my username is skrstar29. I’m eating mostly junk lately cuz it’s finals and I’m a stressed college student. But I’m hoping that having some support on there may help me out!

❤️ Sarah

Chicken Salad & Blueberries

No this is not some weird combo.

I just noticed that my go to healthier foods lately have been chicken salads, and then anything involving blueberries.

Which I mean I don’t necessarily mind, but it becomes a problem when I still drown the salad in ranch or have a blueberry bagel cuz it’s ~blueberry~.

Ah, oh well. At least it’s yummy.

I mean look at this salad, how could you say no?

Anyway I’m going to actually eat this salad now. Yum yum.

❤️ Sarah